Memories of Bill and Anna Mae Fuller





If you would like to share any memories or photo please email  and I will post them here.
January was a cold snowy month. We beat all record snowfalls all over the USA. Erie made the news almost daily.
I continued to work at the church and food pantry, we were there in spite of the snow.  Miss you both.
February 2nd
Went to a funeral of a friend last night.  There were a lot of people there. And Joey said he didn't have any friends.  How wrong he was.
I talked about you Dad, a lot. Wow so much has changed since you left but a lot is still the same.  I saw Mary Brumagin for the first time since Harold's funeral.  She looks well.


Feb 27, 2018

Happy Birthday Daddy

I look out my window and see Sue's car in your driveway. She is taking good care of your home.  She has a lot of frog statues and knickknacks
and you would laugh at all the "dust catchers" but she has made it her home.  God is good to me daddy, and I know you and mom are with him.
Maybe we didn't praise him when we were all together, but I know he knows my love for him now and I plan to praise him until I see you and mom again.  Albe has grown into a fine young man. LOL not so young anymore, he will be 28 next month. He takes care of me, daddy. You would be proud of him.  Lei Ann has a nice family and she has a good husband that helps her rather than pull her down.  Mary takes care of me, she is still finding her way, but she is here with me and that is ok.

I have been at Henderson 4 years now. I think the greatest thing that has happened to me is God giving me Lei Ann and letting me know that I have the greatest parents in the world. And he has given me a life and purpose. 

from Sue and I


March 18, 2018

Well mom its that time of year again.  Yesterday was comforting to talk about you to my church family. The sad part was we were discussing a funeral we are preparing for.  My friend Kathy Fuller passed away. Her funeral is Wednesday. I am sad for her family but happy that she is without pain and now in Heaven with you and her Elvis.  She is a big Elvis fan and I am sure that when she got there she wanted to find him right away. Pray that she is happy now.  I miss you so much Mom.  I don't see any of the family anymore.  Olive keeps in touch but she has had her issues with health (praise God she is getting better).  Everyone else lives so far away.  The cousins that live in town don't even attempt to communicate. Oh I see posts on Facebook which is comforting, but still I feel so alone.  Yes my children are great, and I am so blessed to have them. 

Love you both


May 30, 2018

You know how the night ends and daylight happens.  Well its another way of saying time passes.  Time is what we have a lot of these days but seem to keep busy doing other things.  I remember writing on this page daily and even a couple times a day because I wanted to keep you here with me.
Since attending church regularly I realize you are in my heart and writing on this page is not the only way I can keep you here with me.
So sorry if I don't update this page as often as I used  to.  You are with me daily and see what goes on in my life.  But I like to post things here because I can come back and read what I wrote and remind myself of things that happened.

Getting older and the brain doesn't remember as well as it used to.

The houses are getting older too, and some  things are in need of repairs.  I either don't have the money or the knowledge to do it myself or ability to do it or people willing to do it.  The roof is leaking.  The gutter fell down and is now broken in pieces. Seems the grass needs cut more often than usual.  Yes we have the lawnmower and gas and ability to do it, I guess laziness is the real reason.

And you look at me and say  "if  you want something done right, do it yourself"

Kids are celebrating with their family and friends, its ok, I don't mind being alone. Well I am never alone.

I love you both.  No I did not think that I would be here this long after you have gone, but God has a purpose for me and I guess I am just hanging around until he gets ready to tell me about it. 

Happy Memorial Day




June 14, 2018

A couple days early Daddy, but I wanted to wish you a

We have a busy week ahead of us and I may not get time to get on the computer before Sunday.

I miss you daddy,  I know you say I am here with you and I believe that.

I actually asked for your help the other day and got it.  I couldn't get the push lawn mower to start.  You told me how to prime it
and it started right up.  Yes your riding lawn mower still works, Ira cuts the back lots for me and I get the hill and alongside the house and garage. 

Love. Pudge


July 28, 2018

I am ashamed of myself that I have not posted anything here since early June.  Well when I started these web pages, it was to keep people contacted with their loved ones. A place to express themselves, me included.  No one emails things anymore and with all my duties at the two churches, food pantry and family drama, I don't seem to come on here either.  Not that I don't think of you both everyday because I do.

I just think that I have got to a place where its not necessary to write my feelings because you can feel them.  I wanted a place where family can keep in touch.  They don't do that anymore.  I am paying yearly for this website and no one even goes on it to read it anymore.

I am sorry mom and dad.

No I will keep it up for now but I can't say what the future will hold.

I love you both.




September 1, 2018

Yesterday Mary moved out.  She and the cats went to 7318G Heron Court Victor, NY

 Its 45 min from Rochester NY  A friend of hers has a good paying job there.  Hopefully Mary gets a job. 

Yes I will miss her, but she is 25 and you know how I was at 25  you couldn't tell me anything.

Love you Mom and Dad





Oct.7, 2018
I am in Ludlow, Pa on your birthday with my church family. Olmsted is a place to rest and relax with God.  I had a good time and
told everyone that it was your birthday.
Love you mom



October 27, 2018
    Well I am so proud of my children.  I know daddy, that you know Albe flushed out the hot water tank the other day and cleaned the furnace
I cleaned out the vents and he turned on the heat. But won't put it above 60 so its still cold in here. Have to wear two pjs and cover with a
blanket and there's no snow on the ground yet.   He is still working for Port Erie and taking care of me. He pays the gas, elec and water.
Mary has a job and she likes it. She asked for more hours and they gave them to her, that means they like her too.  Where? Oh you know
at Target and she messages me often and tells me what she did at work that day.  They have her putting out new clothing and she has
her turn in the fitting room.  But she says its ok.
Lei Ann is still working at JTM and she has her name engraved on her uniforms. She and the family are fine.  Jon works and watches the kids
so I don't get to see them as much as before, but they are doing well.   What else could I ask for?
I have so much to be thankful for. And appreciate your support and things you taught me which I taught my children   THEY LISTENED.
I am so proud of myself and my role at the church. I actually HELP people. It feels good. I wish they would let me do more but I think they
think I am trying to run things.  I am not a leader or boss, I am a team player but could lead my team as long as I had someone to anwer to.
But actually I do    -   GOD.
G'nite mom and dad  I love you.