Memories of Bill and Anna Mae Fuller





If you would like to share any memories or photo please email  and I will post them here.
January 1st

Just minutes ago I got a text from Lei Ann, Jon and the kids. They are at home and watched  the ball drop and sent me a video. Jon sent a message wishing me and Mary and Albe a Happy New Year. But Mary isn't home. She went out with a friend. Albe and Sarah are in the basement.

Earlier tonight I went to Asbury UMC for a New Year's Eve celebration with a group of Methodist from Simpson, First Church and Henderson. Sue took me out there, made some great vegetable soup. I took a couple pies.  It was fun and I am glad I went.

Love you both.


Feb. 6, 2017
Well the groundhog saw his shadow and went back down the hole. We got snow for two days and now its thawing. Who knows what the
weather will or will not be.  Got the property taxes, sigh, don't have all of them paid from last year.  It's hard to live on just social security when you got adult children living in the house. Albe and Sara work, but their money is their own. Albe does pay some of the bills, but they don't amount to a lot. It's not like renting someplace to live.  Mary still hasn't got a job. I haven't pressured her, I don't want her to leave or think I don't want her here.  If it wasn't for the bills and my lack of money everything would be right in the world.  Oh wow, such a cliché.

Food pantry on Wed. I ordered some hamburger and cheeseburger dinner (its like hamburger helper).  I actually LIVE on the food from the food pantry. God is good to me, I wouldn't make it if I had to buy food.  We have a dinner this weekend and people are asked to donate money for the kids to go to camp. Jalita and Lazarus will go with me. Hopefully someone will pay for their summer camp this  year. I have started paying the deposit but even getting a hundred dollars is hard for me. And I know they would love to go.



February 27, 2017
This morning I awoke with the memory of the nursing home calling me and saying, you should come.  We sat with my dad until almost 7 am. I had children to get ready for school and told my mom I had to leave, that I would be back.  Well I got to the top of Peach and 26th street at the red light. I looked to my right and there was my dad, sitting in his truck. My mom called me on the phone and said, you don't have to hurry back, he's gone. I said, I know mom, he's here with me.

Now when I tell that story people look at my like I am crazy.  You and I know that I am not.

Daddy, you have been with me every time I have needed you and some times when I have not.
But I thank God for him letting you be in my life.



Happy Birthday Daddy,
You are 97 today. I know mom made you a carrot cake and you sat and watched the sunrise over Tucson.

I love this picture.  Mom took it on your birthday in 1997. 
I will celebrate your birthday as well.
I love you Daddy.


March 2, 2017

I woke this morning with ice and  on the ground. Last night around 6 the electricity went out. It was out all night. This morning I called

Penelec and they said they would try to have it back on by 3pm. About an hour later it came back on. It was weird, the projects and Paragon

was lit up, just our three houses were dark. But all is good now.

Took a picture with my phone and put it on as my profile photo for today.

This frame is in the dining room next to your wedding photo.

Miss you both.


March 18, 2017  10 pm
I have tried to keep myself busy the past couple of days. Remembering 7 years ago, but trying to concentrate on the good memories and the things I love most about you mom. I still am feeling guilty that I didn't take you geocaching. That's my cross to bear. 

I talked to my pastor about you today. Oh I have mentioned you many many times before, but I shared with her some of the events that happened 7 years ago and the aftermath of it all.  They say it gets better with time. NO IT DON'T... 

Jalita and Lazarus are spending the night. They will go to church with me in the morning. They like helping collect the offering or greeting the members and  giving them a bulletin.  I like that they like to go with me.
We were watching a movie and eating some popcorn and Mary mentioned that things in the freezer were  thawing out.   I went and looked and it was warm to the touch.  Oh Great, now I have to get a new refrigerator  or at least a freezer.   Sarah took our meats over to her place for the night.  Tomorrow is Sunday so nothing can be done right now.   Daddy you bought me that fridge when Mary was born. So its lasted this long I should be thankful.  I just don't have money for a new fridge.   (update - fridge is fine. washer went out though and Sarah and Albe bought a used set. Works great)


April 22, 2017
Sorry its been so long since I have written on here. Today I am attending and helping serve for the funeral of Ms Cynthia. Tomorrow we have a funeral and dinner for Pastor Jane.  Both of them were very devoted to Henderson and really deserve our help. 

Sue is making repairs to your house.  She has railings on the back porch, she's got a washer and dryer in the  basement and uses your shower :) She fixed the bathroom although doesn't have a sink in there yet (she is planning on it) She is having the roof patched and tarred because she can't afford a new one. She has it looking good and is very comfortable there.  I am glad. 

Everyone is fine here. Everyone is working except Mary, but  her job is taking care of Jonnaya when I can't and to be here for Jalita and Lazarus when they get home from school. The bus brings them here.  I LOVE having her home.


May 14, 2017

Such a beautiful day today mom.  Its Mother's Day. I miss you so much today. I think about  how you always made Mother's Day special When the kids were young you would make sure I had a gift from them and it was always a surprise.  Strange , the things I remember about how wonderful you were.  Hope my kids remember the things I did for them when I'm gone. Happy Mother's Day mom

Mary wished me Happy Mother's day by giving me some bath salts that help with arthritis pain and some insoles for my shoes that are suppose to help with leg pain and she got me a new pair of pjs. Its Sarah's birthday so we got her a cake and a pink umbrella and a princess glass and a pink robe (she likes pink). Albe got us Domino's delivered. Lei Ann came over and we gave her her birthday present. Her birthday is tomorrow.  Lazarus got a buzz cut hair cut. His locks, braids, ponytail is gone. He looks like a little man. He is happy because he got tired of people thinking he was a girl.

Oh yea,, I went to church today and did something that shocked everyone, even me.  While the pastor was trying to get her computer set up to play the music (our pianist was absent) I stood up and said Someone said I should do the announcements and went to stand behind the pulpit.

I welcomed everyone to church and recognized those that had not been there in a while and ones that come rain or shine. It was scary but I did it. I even led the call to worship and then asked Pastor if I could sit down.  She laughed and said yes.

All females in church today got a pot of flowers and written on the pot said Women of God.  Its a cute "dust catcher" daddy. But it was a nice gesture. The males got to take one home to their mother or grandmother or wife.

I enjoy helping at church, but terrified to stand up in front of everyone, God gave me that strength today.
Love you


It's July
We have been having things at the Ministry building every weekday and then church on Sunday.  June was really a busy month.  I though about you every day. If I would have kept my car, I might be able to come  to the cemetery.  I have a hard time asking someone to take me out there when they have such a busy day. Haven't seen Aunt Olive, she is busy with her family as well.

Sue is doing so many repairs to your house. She plans to put a sink in the bathroom next.  She cut some of the limbs over the house just so they won't break off in a storm and drop on the house or car.  I see Steve once in a while. He's doing ok I guess. Ira comes over and cuts the grass.

Daddy, your riding lawnmower has been serviced and repaired by steve but Ira says it still gets hot and has to cool down every once in a while. I  think he just needs the rest not the lawnmower.

Lei Ann and family are doing good.  The kids will be going  to new schools in Sept.  Deihl for Jalita and Lazarus and Central (Erie High) for Terrance.  Yea they are using our address.  Don't think Terry ever changed his address from when they moved.

I am doing well.  I love you both.


Sept. 2, 2017

Sigh,  Hi mom and dad.  The internet at home keeps going out and when I am sitting here thinking of you and wanting to add something to your page, then get it all typed and boom. loose it.  yea I know "save"   Sue and Merrilee and I went for Chinese today. I talked about you mom. told her how you liked going  to eat Chinese and would bring some home.  Merrilee is one of the new women at the church, she helps me out A LOT. She comes and picks me up in her car so I don't have to walk.  And she gets her ex husband to use his truck to get food for the food pantry.  We are talking about going to Olmsted for the retreat in Oct.  It will be her first time, I think she will enjoy it. 

Mary is at a friends house tonight and Albe is at work. Sarah has gone to bed.  There is a benefit for Sandy (she is Pastor Mary's daughter in law) she has cancer and has completed the chemo and will have a operation next month.  They are having a dinner and a Chinese auction.

Terry is 16 now.  He came over and I gave him his presents. Mary got him some body wash and deodorant and black socks. I got him a vest (yes he is like you, has to have a vest on all the time lol) and a black hoodie. 

first day of school Lazarus plays Center Jonnaya has learned to walk.
Love U both


Sept 16th
Sue and I took a ride to Sam's club so she could get some gas. (They sell gas cheaper than the gas stations) Anyway we went inside.
 I got some bread and milk and these flowers, so we stopped by to see you and daddy. Sue left a token for you daddy.

Not such a good photo with my phone.


Lazarus had his first game of football and their team (The Seahawks) won 32 to 6.  Lazarus plays Center and he passes the ball to the quarterback and then blocks the other team from grabbing the quarterback. This little boy is SO FAST he is at the other end of the field before anyone knows he's gone. Lazarus and the other players are still blocking each other.  It was a good game to watch.


October 4, 2017

We had a really good food pantry today. 60 people came to get food.  We had a lot of good  things to give them.  This weekend I am going  to Olmsted with some church ladies. I have been twice before but didn't go last year because it was on your birthday and I didn't have the money.  I saved up all year and even though its the weekend of your birthday, I feel that you would want me to go.  I love you mom.  Happy Birthday  (early)


October 9th

This morning Lei Ann came to see me. Last night she messaged me with pictures of Lazarus calf.  He was coming back from the corner store and a dog bit him. He had to have six stitches. He can't play football for two weeks.  I thought of you and how you didn't like dogs. He is traumatized  but more worried he can't play football. 

I had a very nice time at Olmsted, we had carrot cake ice cream on your birthday.  I told the ladies that my dad liked carrot cake and you would make him one for his birthday.  He would love this ice cream.

No work at the church today, just relaxing at home.  And its raining so glad I am inside today.

Love you both.




November 25, 2017

Oh daddy you would have been so proud of me this Thanksgiving, that turkey fell right off the bone.  lol  I got a turkey and fixings from the food pantry and when I went  to cook, I put it in the oven at 8:30 am and at 11:30 am it was so done when Albe went to move it from pan to plate it just fell all apart.  It was good though.

Lei Ann and family chose to stay at their house and celebrate, which was ok.  It was Albe, Mary and I.  Sarah went to her dad's but we saved her some leftovers.  Ha ha its two days later and we are still eating leftovers.

No snow yet, but its been spitting.  Sue and Mary and I went black Friday shopping.  Not as intense as when you and I went, mom, but we got some good Christmas gifts.  It was a good Thanksgiving this  year.  Miss you both so much but we keep you in our thoughts and conversations.



December 31, 2017

Its New Year's eve and I am sitting in the house.  We got over 6 feet of snow between Christmas eve and today.  Nope the city is at a standstill. I did get out and walk to the church for food pantry but only 20 people showed up.  Church was cancelled today due to the snow. 

Christmas was strange this year.  We all came here and opened gifts after church Christmas eve.  Oh yea they liked the presents but then on Christmas morning there wasn't any reason to get up.  I didn't even have a dinner, we ate the ham the night before. 

Mary made it very festive and I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves.  Sue got a new car, its a Kia Sportage 2018. Wow the car payments are almost my social security check.  But its a nice car.

Miss you both. See you next year.