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Jan. 1, 2016
Happy New Year  mom and dad.  I am sitting here watching the ball drop and the door opens and its Lei Ann and Jon and the kids. Sarah comes up from the basement to wish me a Happy New year as well. Albe is asleep, then my phone goes off and its Mary wishing us a Happy New Year. What a wonderful way to start 2016.
I love you both.


February 12, 2016

Been a really busy month, but valentine's day and your oldest granddaughter's first anniversary is coming soon. I got them Mr and Mrs. towels as a present.  They are trying to get a 4 bedroom house to rent. Your house is not big enough for them anymore, and its old and in need of repairs. And because its in my name, they can't get any help repairing it.  And it cost too much money to put it in their name.  It all boils down to money.  Miss you both very much.


February 27th, 2016
Celebrating your birthday with two of my grandchildren.  They are here watching TV.
Lazarus is showing you he is 6.  Jalita is 8 and she will be 9 in May.
Love you Dad.
Jalita wanted to tell you something, Dad.

grandma misses her father .  but she will always remember her dad, but he is in her heart.

March 2, 2016

I posted your wedding picture on my facebook page today.   Seventy years.  Happy Anniversary mom and dad.  Miss U

March 5, 2016
Your house is dark tonight. Lei Ann and family have moved.
They have rented this house, there's a living room, sitting room. kitchen, dining room, mud room, upstairs is a bathroom and four bedrooms. Each of the kids have their own room. Attic and full basement too. 

I am happy for them but sad for myself. 

I have no money to repair your house and can't live in it the way it is.

It would be wonderful if I was able to move into your home and live my days there.

Maybe someday.


March 15, 2016

Sue is here to visit me for a couple days. Makes this time of year a little easier. Miss you so much still. Probably always will.
I keep busy at church and that helps.
Pastor Mary gave me a sofa couch and chair and a toddler bed. She is doing some rearranging at her house to make room for her father in law who is going to move in with them. So she didn't need some items and blessed me with them.  Sue is sleeping on the sofa couch now. Yea, its comfortable.


Got a message from Mary yesterday, she is going to Santa Monica Calif with her friend's family. Her mom has never been there and so they were taking a road trip for the day. It was nice that Mary let me know she was going. I feel better when she keeps me involved with her daily life. Sorry, that I didn't talk to you more when I was living away from home. It must have been hard at times, not being able to talk to me.
I regret those years.  Love you mom and dad.
March 20, 2016

I have kept myself busy these past few days.  We had a Men's Lenten Breakfast at San Juan UMC on Saturday. I helped, and poured coffee and juice. There were 94 men there. Getting ready for food pantry give out on Wednesday. Its the last one before Easter. We don't have hams to give out but we have hamburger, chicken and breakfast sandwiches to name a few things.

 St Patrick's day caused me pain when I said some hurtful things and I should have kept my mouth shut. You know what happened, no sense in mentioning it here. This year is rough for me, missing you and because Mary is not here. She moved to Arizona and ya know what, I think she is going to stay there. Yea, I thought, oh a month or so and she will be back. Nope, don't think so. 

Tonight I am thankful for what I have and know and my faith in God and my church. I miss my parents terribly and that is a pain I will feel until the time I see them again.  And I KNOW I will see them again. 

Love you mom and dad

March 24th  I am learning a lot about myself and my faith as a Methodist. Today is Maundy Thursday and I will be going to church services tonight. Not quite understanding what this is all about but willing  to learn.  Henderson did so much for your family growing up and now I am involved with the church hoping I can give back some of that with my skills and in return they are helping my children as well,
God is Good.
Albe's birthday today. He is 26.  wow 26 already. A wonderful young man and really takes care of me.
Miss you mom.
March 25th A very good day.  It's Good Friday. I did not go to the ministry building today, I stayed home and rested. About 4 pm Lei Ann and Jon came and took me to the cemetery.

I brought some tulips.   I told Jon about our family and showed him the farm, or what it is now.


There is a beautiful house there now and horses.

It looks like they are going to plant hay and the pole barn is still there. I don't know what is in it, but it looks in good shape.

April has been such an emotional month for me.  I am in charge of Food Panty at the church and now taking a class on Methodist Polity which is interesting but taking up a lot of my time.  Some would say that is good.  I haven't decided yet.  Mary came home.  It was fast and unplanned and your grandson stepped up to the plate and got her a plane ticket and Lei Ann went and got her at the airport. (I was in a class)  When I got home she was here and my emotions were high.  I missed her so much. I recalled all the times I came home and left again when I was young. I didn't want to rush her or hound her about what was going on in her life so I have just let her be. 

Mom and Dad  I am so sorry for all I put you through.  I miss you.


May 8, 2016

May 10, 2016

She's here mom.

After being at the hospital from 6 am  Jonnaya Dalisha Barnett made her appearance at 10:11 pm 

she weighs 7 lb and 8 oz.  not sure of her height, they will take that today sometime.

Lei Ann and baby are doing well.

Proud grandma


May 24, 2016

The past few days I have been traveling with Sue from here to her house.  She is moving up here. She is moving in your house.  I will take pictures when she is done fixing it up.


Olive sent me a  photo  She planted some flowers at your gravesite.  I can't get out there like I used to. I appreciate all she does.


June 1, 2016

Well there are lights on in your house and Sue and her cat have moved in. A lot of her stuff is still in boxes but she slept there last night. She is going to do one room at a  time.  She quit her job and packed up and moved up here.  She will look for a job up here, she has been in contact with a couple places already.  She won't have a hard time finding one, she's got skills. :)

I love you both, Sure it would have been nice if I could have moved into your house, like I had planned 5 years ago, but things don't always happen like we plan.  We just do what we can.  And its good she is there.



June 19, 2016

Its father's day.  There was one man in church today.  That is sad.  Pastor Mary had baseballs for the dads but since dads didn't come she gave  them to  the children to take home to their dads  They are suppose to say.  Play ball with me dad.

Wish I could play ball with you daddy.



August 9, 2016

I have jumped feet first into the church and the grandkids.
Not that I have forgotten about you two. I just post other places rather than on this page.
Mary's birthday today. She is back in Arizona and I can't blame her. Sue is comfortably in your house.
She has it fixed up nice. The toilet whistles every time I come over. She says my dad is talking to me.
I love you mom and dad.  Miss you terribly
God knows I have been doing right so when my time comes I will see you again.

September 4, 2016

Had Jonnaya here last night with me. Lei Ann, Jon, Lazarus, Albe and Sarah went to Sarah's dad's camp.  They had a good time. Lazarus played with her little brothers and had fun. Jalita was at Jean's house and Terrance was at home.  He was over here celebrating his 15th birthday we had cookie cake, cup cakes ice cream. pizza, wings and crazy bread.  He liked it.

Sue fell outside on the rug headed towards Mary's house. She finally went to the doctors and they put a boot on her left foot. Yep she has a spiral fracture.
She will be in that thing for 6 weeks.  She is able to work, but the medical bills are more than she can handle. I asked State Farm if I was covered with the insurance at your house. I opened up a claim but haven't heard anything yet.  She has spent so much money fixing the house up. I know I said I would take pictures, but she has so much stuff in there. It really looks good, but cluttered. You know her and her frogs.

My days are pretty simple. I go to the church and take care of the office duties, I order food for distribution every other Wednesday.  I honestly don't do anything else. I sit home and watch TV. Every once in a while Sue and I go out to eat. We like the Chinese place you use to go to and think of you.

Lei Ann and family are doing ok.  Albe and Sarah are ok.  Mary is in Arizona and doing ok.  Life is good.  God is good. 
Missing you both.


October 7, 2016

Happy Birthday mom.


Sue and I went to visit you today and had dinner at your favorite Chinese buffet.

we decided to put a Halloween decoration at the cemetery.

love you.

November 22nd 2016
So much has happened this month I can hardly keep up with  the days.  Yesterday it snowed for the first time. It was cold and I rode the bus to church.
Mary is home, she has been home a week and a half, I am very happy she is here.  Lei Ann is training for a new position at her job, her hours may change, but hope and pray she likes it.  The kids are doing good. Albe and Sarah are fine.  Life is good Mom, but I know you can see that.  Daddy, Sue is living in your house and fixing it up. Doing a lot of repairs to "this old house"  she even got the roof and chimney tarred up. The tree in the front yard is next I think.  She still doesn't have hot water.  Mom, that crook Langer sold you a hot water heater that was made in 2006. So it was 4 years old before you even used it.  Anyway, the furnace is working and she is ok.
I will be turning 67 next week.  Wow, 67  and I thought 50 was old.  Never thought I would last this long without you two, but I guess God has other plans for me.  I will take care of myself and be here for my family and my church family for as long as needed.  I know the door will always be open to be with you when my time comes. And we don't know when that is, so I live each day to the fullest.

Love you Mom and Dad   Happy Thanksgiving


Everyone was together this Christmas. I  thought about you while making dinner.  Albe wanted macaroni and cheese, I didn't have the box or the powered cheese so I used the block American cheese from my senior box. It wasn't working, all of a sudden you said, add milk and put it in the oven.  It was great. I even told Lei Ann that "your grandmother made the mac and cheese"  Daddy, you would be proud of your only grandson. He goes to work every day, he helps pay the bills, he takes care of me.  We all are looking forward to 2017.

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