Memories of Bill and Anna Mae Fuller


photo from Ohio Driver's License


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Jan. 21, 2015

Hi Mom and Dad,
Sorry I haven't been on this page this year. I have thought about you daily and you know because you are in my head now. Its 1 am and I am awake.
I went to visit Aunt Olive one day while Mary was working. It was great  to see her and Pam and Sheila. Pam was there with her daughter who is into gymnastics and competing in Erie. Then they are going skiing before going back to Pittsburgh.  There is snow on the ground and I didn't drive over to the cemetery. This truck that I am using doesn't take snow or hills very good. But I love you and  think of you all the time.

All three of your grandchildren are working, and that I am thankful for. Lei Ann told me she is getting married next month and I asked if I could come. She said yea, but they were going to a JP. You and daddy went to a JP. So I can't complain. I would love for her to be married at Henderson, but I understand why. I like Jon. You know he is Ruthie Perry's grandson.  Yep, I told him all about our family. But then they are not actually related. by marriage is all. Nothing different than some of our other family members.

I laugh, I kept my kids away from our family reunions because I didn't want any of them meeting some friend of a relative and look what happens. LOL, so see Fate steps in. No matter the situation. If it is meant to be, it will be.  Like me and Henderson Church.  I really like going  there and I enjoy being  their secretary. I like working with the food pantry and I  think I am doing some good.  I love you both and miss you SO MUCH. 

February 1, 2015

I got some flowers for the church. 2 pots of roses. one white and one red.

You know I think of you all the time. I couldn't make a day without you and daddy's advice.


Got this email
So I wanted to post it here.
I'm not that tall (GC19N33) has a new log:

Logged by: GotMirth
Log Type: Found it
Date: 2/6/2015
Location: Pennsylvania, United States
Type: Traditional Cache

Working on the 366 challenge and had almost given up with all the snow. Finally saw this cache which I knew was my last unfound grammyannie cache., She helped me out today and after digging in the snow I felt the glorious cache. Sad that it's the last of hers I'll ever find, but so glad she had all these great caches.

Feb. 6, 2015

Well your baby got engaged today. His name is Jonathan Barnett. His grandmother is Ruthie Perry and his mom is Betty.
He is good to Lei Ann and the kids. They are the same age. They plan to be married this Friday. Yes I am happy for her.


Jalita and Lazarus for picture day.

Lei Ann and Jon got me a gift for Valentine's Day. Mary saw it delivered and  told me about it. I asked Jon on face book and next thing I know Lei Ann is coming over here and telling me that I ask too many questions. She wanted to surprise me and I ruined it. 

But Mary and I said "they taste good!"

Thursday Feb. 12th

I think I am more excited than Lei Ann is.  I picked up  the flowers today.  The white rose is for you mom.  Tomorrow they are going to the JP.

Lei Ann's bouquet

Jonathan's boutonniere
Feb. 14th 2015

Oh wow, if you look outside it is SNOWING so bad.  They are even cancelling church tomorrow.  Well  I am glad the storm waited until this morning so as not to ruin Lei Ann's day.  I took tons of pictures and even video taped the whole thing. It was beautiful.

Judge said "I now pronounce you husband and wife". 

and he said "You may kiss your bride"


then he presented Mr and Mrs. Jonathan Barnett

And then I took a picture of everyone that was  there.
Terry, Jon's brother Josh and mother Betty, Jon and Lei Ann, Mimi, Able
 Jalita and Lazarus

Happy Valentine's Day 2015 mom and dad

Feb. 16, 2015
Hey Dad,
I went to Bible study tonight and there was a man and woman there that knew a Jim Reed.. She asked me if I knew him.. I said I had a lot of relatives with the last name Reed but didn't remember a Jim. Then I thought you mean Danny?  Well, daddy, Danny passed away Dec. 30th. I do not get the paper so I did not see the obituary.
  In Loving Memory of James D Reed



I made a page for him to remember him by.


February 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Daddy,

First off I want to celebrate your birthday.   I hope that you have cake and ice cream. I will think of you all day today.
Then as the day goes on, I will remember the years when I could not see you, but knew you were here.

Eleven years ago you left us and entered Heaven. You met all our relatives and friends. We missed you here on Earth but life went on and we learned to adjust but never forget.
Daddy, not a day goes by that I don't think of you and mom.  I love you and miss you and I am living my life here on Earth to make sure I get to see you in Heaven when my time comes.



March 1st
Mom, your sister Olive is wonderful. She has been there for me whenever I needed her. Last night Mary had finished work and  the last bus to town had gone. She called Lei Ann but she couldn't come and get her. She texted me and said she was stranded out there. I didn't have any minutes on my phone and could not get a hold of anyone to go get her. She even called a cab but they said  there was a three hour wait. Oh Mom. I prayed to God and was crying because here my baby was stuck out at the mall and it was closed and no one was around. That has to be scary. She was texting me, what should she do?  Well I asked Albe if I could use his phone and I called Aunt Olive. I had talked to her earlier on the computer and she said she was home and Sheila was in Florida. I called her, yes she was in bed, but she got up and got dressed and drove all the way from McKean and picked Mary up and brought her home. Oh Mom, I don't know what I would have done if she wasn't home, you know she goes to Pittsburgh a lot to see Pam. Olive is my guardian angel here on Earth. Thank you God for my Aunt Olive.
March 2nd

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.

I got some flowers for the church Saturday in memory of you and daddy. 

Tonight Mary found me an app for her iphone so I could make phone calls. I had to laugh, you get 15 free credits. Don't know how many minutes a credit is, but I called Olive and talked to her for 12 minutes and called Lei Ann and talked to her for 8 and it says I still have 15 credits free. Maybe its hours. That would be great since I was only going to use it for emergencies. I got my free 250 min for the month on my regular phone.  Love you.
March 8th

Noticed these spring flowers at Wal Mart. I got them for the church in memory of you and daddy.


Really excited today (9th) I was at the office and talked to a man about a $6,000 grant for the church. We are going to get it. I praise God for the ability to contact this person and ask the right questions. I enjoy helping at the church and it made me feel great that I was able to assist in getting this grant.
I love you and miss you.

March 17, 2015

Yea its that day again. Something great will happen one of these years and I will remember that on March 17th instead of your accident.  I talked to Olive yesterday and she said that the roads in the cemetery are still packed with snow. It looks like no one has been there in a long time.  She will take me out there soon as it dries up some.
In the meantime I put flowers at the church and write on your page. I love you both.

One thousand eight hundred and twenty six sunsets I have seen without you. I remember a few (especially in Arizona) you loved watching the sunset over the mountains and you took a lot of pictures trying to capture that special look. I remember going to that park and sitting out under the stars. I miss you mom. 

This picture is from Rita, a genuine Arizona sunset.

March 19, 2015

Well its that time again. Five years ago I sat by your side, Mom, talking to you while you were laying there withering away minute by minute. I had accepted the fact that you were going to leave us. I was happy for you that I knew you would be with dad and much happier than being here. BUT I MISS YOU SO MUCH. Honestly every day I tell you how sorry I am for not taking you more places or doing more with you. And you SEE what happens to me on a daily basis here. I am so alone. My kids don't need me, I work at the church because they act like they need me. I know they really don't, anyone can do what I do.
To be honest these past five years I have just existed. I had decided that I wouldn't really be happy again until I was with you and daddy. But that is sad. I love my kids and my grandkids so I am not just wanting to leave  them. I would like them to want to spend more  time with me. Maybe someday before its too late, they will realize what I KNOW.

You miss them when they are gone. 

God, Please take care of my parents until its my time to join them. Thank you so much for the opportunity to tell them how I feel every minute of every day.

Olive came and got me and we went to visit you. There was some snow in the driveway and near your grave. I had my sneakers on and laughed because you had told me I should have worn my boots. I took these two pictures and removed the wreath Olive put up at Christmas time and left these flowers.

We then went to her house and she made us a meatloaf sandwich and had cookies she made.   Love you mom and dad!
April 3rd 2015

Colored eggs with the grandkids yesterday.
Mary made an egg for you and daddy.

Today I am going to Aunt Olive's church for Good Friday's services., Saturday I am taking the grandchildren to our church to color eggs and then on Sunday for services and an Easter egg hunt. Mary is going to make baskets for the kids from us.

Happy Easter Mom and Dad


April 5, 2015 Easter Sunday


I got some tulips for the church today in memory of you both.
I had a really good day today, Lei Ann and family came to church and when we got home we had Easter dinner (that she cooked) and the children got Easter baskets that Mary made.
We miss you mom and dad.

April 14, 2015 

Mary got on a plane today headed for Phoenix Arizona.  She is moving out there. I am sad, but happy for her. She has a place to live and a job. She will do well, but I will miss her terribly.


May 3, 2015

Haven't wrote in a month and for that I am sorry. Not that I didn't have things to say, I just post them everywhere now, I am sure you have seen them.

Here today to post this picture of the flowers I got in memory of you and daddy.

And I love and miss you both.

May 9th
Olive and Sheila came and got me today and I spent the day with them.  Olive and I went to the cemetery.

The flowers are still in bloom.   Sheila said she was going to plant them one day very soon.  (Soon as it stops raining. LOL  It started to rain before we left. )


Sheila and Olive​ make sure that your place is always taken care of.

Thanks to both of them

June 17, 2015

This Sunday is Father's Day   Daddy, I want  to post this here today because I found this on facebook today where someone wanted to remember their dad.
I thought of you and had to have it here.

July 17, 2015

After picking Terrance up from church camp, we stopped to see Olive and Sheila then rode by the cemetery and took this picture.
Miss you both.

August 29, 2015

Spent the last two days with Aunt Olive at her house. We went to the cemetery and I put some flowers on your grave and then took the rest of  them to the church for services tomorrow.

We went to a going away party for Brandy's daughter Amanda, she is going to school in California.  Today we went to Terry's birthday party in Burton park.
Came back to her house and got on the computer and found a lot more stuff for our genealogy web site.   I had a nice time with her, and am blessed to have her in my life.
Love you mom and dad.

September 18, 2015

Lei Ann and Jon are expecting a baby in May 2016.  He told me today, also they traded in my car for a car of their own.  I told her to go down to the Redevelopment Authority and see if she can get them to renovate the house. The water heater stopped working, the chimney needs repaired and they need a proper bathroom. I suggested that the sun porch be closed in and made into a bedroom (heated)  I hope that they help them out.  If I have to I will put the house in both  their names. My concern with doing that is loosing it by them not paying on something or putting it up as collateral for something else. But since they got married, both have full  time jobs and getting along good, I may do it.

I miss you mom and dad. This time in my life is  hard, I am so glad I have God in my life and the family at church that has taken me in and support me.

Mary has chosen her lifestyle in Arizona and as long as she is happy I will support her. I miss her very much.

Albe is working and doing well.  He has a girlfriend Sarah and she is nice.  He helps me with the bills and is a God-send most days. He helps me at the church on food pantry day.
 He still stays home all  the time and is on his computer but in this town I am GLAD he chooses to do that.

There is so much violence in Erie now.  I am glad that Terrance doesn't want to go out much and he is on his laptop.  Jalita is going to Girl Scouts at the church and she seems to like it.

Lazarus goes to church with me on Sundays.  The other two are usually at Jean's house. Next week they will start Sunday School.. Terrance is in the 8th grade,  Jalita is in the 3rd grade and Lazarus is in Kindergarten.

I keep busy at church.



October 4, 2015

Its cold, but no snow on the ground. Sorry daddy, I had to turn the furnace on, these old bones can't take "another blanket" to keep out the chill.  I got some flowers for the church in memory of you both.

Aunt Olive went with Shirley and Larry to Florida for a few days, she is back home but haven't seen her.
I haven't been out to the cemetery, I don't have a car. So putting the flowers in the church is my way of honoring you.
Mom, your birthday is coming soon. I pray to God that I will be able to celebrate your birthdays and holidays with you when my time comes.
I am living my life, trying to make sure that happens.
Miss you so.



Oct 7th
Its your day mom. Sue is here with me and we are going to the cemetery sometime today. I got food pantry today and once I get everything done there, we will go for Chinese and then to the cemetery. I love you and miss ya.


October 31, 2015

Oh mom,  Halloween hasn't been the same since you left. 
I seriously hate holidays anymore.  Lei Ann and Jon took the kids out trick or treating.  They look like they had fun.


December 5, 2015

Yea the year has flown by. Soon it will be 2016.  Saw Olive yesterday and we put a wreath on your grave. 

I keep busy at the church.  Lei Ann found out she was having a girl. I like the name Mary Ann Barnett.  We will see.
Thanksgiving and my birthday were ok. Just not the same without you here.
Love you both.



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