William "Bill"  Fuller 
February 27, 1920 -  February 27, 2004

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Looking forward to 2006 knowing that my dad is still watching over us and keeping us safe.

February is a short month -  only 28 days but full of events for our family. Birth, Deaths and Anniversaries fill these weeks. One comfort is to know that Bill is watching over us and we include him in these events.


In loving memory of William Fuller
who crossed over 731 days ago
on his 84th birthday.

"We know you are watching.
We see and hear your signs.

You are with us for each event in our life.

Your strength gives us strength

Our comfort is that one day
we will see you again.

We love you."


 Truly missed by  wife Anna Mae,

 daughter Margaret, grandchildren  Albert, Mary,

Lei Ann and  great-grandson Terrance


Went to the cemetery on April 30th. We planted more flowers and painted the headstone with green leaves, rose and yellow flower and blue hummingbird. It brought warmth and life to the stone.


On Sunday, August 6, 2006 in Griswold Plaza the VNA of Erie sponsored a Butterfly Release.

A butterfly was released in Bill's name by his wife Anna Mae


September and the leaves are falling and the weather is changing. We visited Bill's grave and added some festive decorations. Happy Halloween from your wife.

Merry Christmas 2006  As we gather for the Holidays we include Bill in our celebrations. Although gone from site, never from our hearts. We know that one day we will meet again. I love you daddy.


Decorating the bush for Christmas

Santa blinks day or night.


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