William "Bill"  Fuller 
February 27, 1920 -  February 27, 2004

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2/27/05 Celebrating birthday and anniversary, we get together and talk about our memories. Laugh a little, cry a little and remember a lot. One year ago today you went away. Out of sight but never out of mind. Love always, your family.


3/27/05 Easter - We visited the cemetery and put a pot of yellow Mums. Knowing that Bill is watching over us, we celebrated Easter and in our hearts we know we will be together again.


In May I asked my dad for advice on going into a partnership with someone in buying a business.
I wanted to expand the business I had now and have an actual storefront, but doing websites is not concrete and I needed something that would actually pay the bills consistently.
So with his help I purchased Erie PC Distribution, a small computer repair shop.
Thanks Dad for always being there...


August 2005 Stopped to visit Dad and show him the new motor home. We had a good trip west, but glad to  be home again. 

2005 Tioga Fleetwood 24ft with a bedroom



November 2005

Flowers bloom in spite of the weather

Even in the windy November weather

Flowers bloom showing our love.

A tree and a mini rose bush grow alongside the headstone. Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.

Merry Christmas Another Christmas holiday. This one proved to me that love lives on. My mom spent her holiday down south with her brother John and his family. Away from the snow and cold "just like always". My kids and I stayed here and kept the home fires burning.  Out my front window I witnessed the power of love and life  when a cold chimney brought out billowy white smoke (a sign from my dad that he was keeping their home fires burning).

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