William "Bill"  Fuller 
February 27, 1920 -  February 27, 2004

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Missouri Red stone

A wonderful day for setting the headstone. 4/27/04  on the 2nd month anniversary.


5/25/04 after the rain. Cleaned up the headstone and added the flowers.
With Memorial day approaching, we went to the cemetery and added bark around the headstone and this plant.  Only three months but it seems so much longer.

Although we feel your presence, we still miss you.

Father's Day June 20th 

Such a wasted day. One that I will not forget for a long time.  Mom wanted to have a yard sale. Sell some of the "junk" accumulated over the past 50 years. Two people showed up. Well, it was depressing for her.  Me and the kids just hung out in the yard. Beautiful day for just laying around. Gerry came over to help. We cut all the grass in the meantime.

Thought about you  today daddy, Lit your candle. We felt you there.  What did we do with most of the stuff?  Donated it to the Good Will.


Happy Father's Day 2004


Four months.... why does it seem so much longer?  Visited the cemetery and left a flag. Everyone else had a flag so mom put one there for you. 

August 2, 2004
Brought a tree to plant and show dad the new motor home. We are planning to leave for Georgia, Florida and South Carolina sometime this week. 

Planting a Tree at the gravesite
Took the Siesta to visit dad. It says Wave if you like it.


August 27, 2004
And so the paper read.

In Memory of
who Crossed Over 6 months ago  today.

"Each day goes by we think of you
We talk and speak your words.
Many memories of happy times can still be heard.
We find comfort that when our time comes,
we will be together again."

Love Always,
Anna Mae, Margaret and children


November 25, 2004
   This is the first Thanksgiving without my father.  We had dinner at his house. My son Albert and daughter Mary and I joined my mother in thanking God for the food we ate and the presence of my dad.  A candle from the funeral burned in the corner along with the holiday cards my mom received. I know he was there with us and eating in his home brought him closer to us on this day of Thanks.

Remember Christ was born on Christmas Day.

11/27/04 Nine months ago today my father passed away. Strange as it seems  tomorrow I will be 55.
That means my mother and father conceived me on his 29th birthday. What a wonderful gift between two people
that spent their life together. The road was hard for both of them and I was not always the best child. I know their hair turned gray because of me. But I love them both and thank them every day for my life. I promised you daddy, to take care of mom and I will. Until we see each other again. 
Your only daughter, Pudge.
As the holidays grow near, I remember a happier time. Playing in the snow? No, the hot sun of Arizona. Going west was Bill's greatest excitement. The hot sun on his face while Pennsylvania was shoveling that "white stuff".  Years went by and he grew older but he was still able  to escape the "white stuff" by going west. This year as we are stuck in Pennsylvania we will think of Bill as we know he is warm and laughing at us shoveling the "white stuff".  Happy holidays to his family and friends.

Merry Christmas 2004

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