William "Bill"  Fuller photo from Ohio Driver's License
February 27, 1920 -  February 27, 2004

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As another year arrives, we make plans and look to the future but we never forget our loved ones that have gone before us and are watching out for us in our daily decisions.
February, the shortest month of the year even with the extra day this year , has been the most eventful for my family.  This February marked the 4th year of my dad's passing. Even this morning as I look up at his photo and smiling face I know that life goes on and that love is forever.
miss you


 In Loving Memory of
William Fuller



Home in Heaven

I'm safely home in Heaven,
though I know you miss me so,
The love I've always felt for you,
within my heart still flows.

My spirit will remain with you
every single day, appearing as a
rainbow or as ocean waves at play.

I'm in the gentle rains that fall,
and in the morning dew.
All you see that's beautiful
reflects my love for you.

I didn't mean to cause you pain,
my time had simply come.
The work that I was meant to do
on Earth had all been done.

I'm safely home in Heaven,
where eternal peace is mine.
And where, when God has called you,
too, I'll be forever Thine.

who crossed over 4 years ago on his birthday
Missed by his wife, daughter, family and friends.



Oct 13th, With my dad's help I moved my business from the one room on Buffalo Road to this awesome building on Iroquois Ave.
Thanks Daddy for all your support and daily advise on my decisions.


Anna Mae planted this tree at the corner of their yard.  Inside a tire Bill had in the garage. Mother Nature colored it for fall.


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