William "Bill"  Fuller photo from Ohio Driver's License
February 27, 1920 -  February 27, 2004

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As 2007 jumps into our lives Bill is still watching, advising us and showing that he cares.

Jan 19, 2007   A solar lit Butterfly Memorial Stone -

February, although the shortest month of the year, has been the most eventful for my family. My father crossed over three years ago this month. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him and actually talk to him. My success in web design is partially because of him. He never said  what he thought about my choice of job or what I did as long as I  WAS working.  He worked his whole life. He enjoyed people and would stop to talk to a stranger, discussing everything including the price of tea in China.
He enjoyed traveling and keeping busy, I believe he is still enjoying himself and keeping busy, watching over us.


Things grow when there is love around.



Plant now



 In Loving Memory of
William Fuller

Bill in Arizona

who crossed over 3 years ago
on his birthday

"If Butterflies could fly to heaven

they would bring my love to you

and yours right back to me"

 Truly missed by wife Anna Mae,

 daughter Margaret and family.


March 2, 2007
  Bill and Anna Mae were married on this day in 1946. Celebrating 61 years today.
 "Happy Anniversary "
Anniversary flowers



March 23, 2007 
   With mom in the hospital I visited dad's grave and took a pot of sparkling white mums. I took this picture for her photo book.




March 31, 2007  I felt my dad's presence here today. I didn't exactly know why but I just welcomed the feeling.  Later my mom called and said that Sarah had passed away. It all comes clear, he was here to greet his sister and I am sure that their parents, brother Oren and her husband Lou were amongst the welcoming committee.

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